ScriptNet since 2014 produces and distributes some of the Best PHP Scripts dedicated to Webmasters and Web Agencies; Affiliate programs and Web tools that contribute to making Web 2.0 more dynamic and profitable.

Although we give our Customers the possibility to use our Datacenter for these projects, very often we are asked which is the Best Hosting Provider in order to be 100% independent and be able to better manage all the potential of our Software.

After careful analysis and having tested “Human Touch” dozens of Hosting, we have drawn up a list of 4 Providers, which can be used with our Scripts and which have an unrivaled quality/price ratio.

Best Hosting
Best Hosting

How We Rated These Hostings?

We have obviously given priority to quality of themachine” in terms of power, available Tools and interaction.
In fact, some of our products require server-side components that normally must be installed on the server via SSH.
Nothing complicated, as explained exhaustively in our Customer Support; but very often this possibility is precluded to customers who purchase a web space.

Linux Servers in the Cloud, VPS or Dedicated are personal choices which, however, affect the portfolio of our Clients in a different way; not everyone can afford dedicated spaces, an unnecessary expense, especially if you want to use “simple” Scripts like ScriptBay which can also be installed in shared hosting.

Therefore, the price was our second evaluation factor.
For example, when you want to create your own Web Thumbnails Platform with SneakPeek, for your Web Agency or you want to sell this Service to your Users. The power of the Server in this case can be high, with related maintenance costs.
So here is the list with the Best Hosting Providers, selected by ScriptNet Solutions.


Hostinger Best Hosting
Hostinger Best Hosting

Hostinger International has truly exceeded all of our expectations, both in terms of the power of the various Cloud and VPS solutions and of course the price. VPS servers have the lowest prices on the market, which absolutely do not affect the quality of the product; even the basic offerings have proved excellent in using Scriptbay and especially SneakPeek for personal use. We also recommend their Cloud plans, in case you want to expand your business given the modularity and load resistance. The price also includes the domain name and mailboxes (no small thing!), as well as the possibility of creating subdomains, SSL, CDN and many other options.


HostWinds Hosting
HostWinds Hosting

HostWinds Hosting it turned out to be a pleasant surprise, especially as regards the Unmanaged Linux VPS Plans.
The access to the system Root and the simplicity of configuration of the VPS allowed us to complete the installation of the required modules in a few minutes. The monthly price is excellent and does not affect the quality of the product which we consider truly valid. Hostwinds does not offer Cloud plans; in the event that more power is needed, it is therefore necessary to evaluate the Dedicated Servers, with costs, however, not within everyone’s reach.


SiteGround Hosting
SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround is one of the most famous Names in the Hosting panorama and offers dozens of Solutions dedicated to all needs. In our specific case, we have seen an excellent variety of options available even in the “StartUpplans with some of the lowest prices on the market. In our opinion, the only reason why it is not at the top among the Hosting Providers we have tested is only because the plans payments are annual, so the prices at the time of purchase are more substantial.


A2 Hosting
A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a Provider that we recommend if you want a Web space for our products, without compromises at an excellent price. Shared Hosting plans are perfect for scripts that aren’t as greedy as ScriptBay. Also consider the Unmanaged VPS Hosting, with prices that are very competitive and platforms that are robust to the stress of use.

As always, the ScriptNet Solutions Team is available for clarifications and information about our Scripts and their use; If you have any questions, please contact us!

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