To begin with, let’s talk about one of the most used and efficient eBay Affiliate Scripts ever.
Finally arrived at version 3.0 ScriptBayAdvanced eBay EPN Search Script is renewed with an important Update.

But let’s start from the beginning.
ScriptBay was our first production since the founding of ScriptNet Solutions. It is a very efficient and light PHP and JS script that uses The eBay EPN API, to Search via Keywords for any type of object, auctioned on eBay. ScriptBay version 3.0 follows the classic style that made its fortune, maintaining all the characteristics that distinguish it from any other software, allowing Webmasters to earn revenues from all searched objects, through EPN links.

ScriptBay Advanced eBay EPN Search Script v.3.0

In simple words, without the need for warehouses, carts, payment systems, privacy rules, databases….it allows you to earn on every sale, made through your affiliate links.

Not bad for this Standalone Script, SEO Optimized with Landing page that runs on autopilot 24/7; once configured (only 1 file, edited with a simple text editor) it does not need any other supervision.
It will transform your traffic into earnings: Setup, Upload and Go!

Main features:

Php script that does not require server or database resources
Can be installed in shared hosting, subdomain or folder
Configurable in a few minutes with logo, description, slogan, keywords
Optimized mobile version
Turn every search for auction items into affiliate links
Share of each Item, on the major Socials
Search Default multi keywords
Images of the objects in HQ
Choice of Currency and reference eBay Market
Search for Auction Items in real time
Auction Timing, Seller Data, Rating and Location
Search filters
Buy it now by default

ScriptBay v.3.0 is easy to install and customize, according to your needs and the topic of your websites, not only increasing the services you offer to your Users, but transforming your traffic into Earnings, without having to do anything.

Find out in detail what this powerful Script can offer, or try it now!

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