Dokky PRO has been enjoying exceptional success since its launch last summer.
This powerful PHP Script has proven to be an effective and incredibly versatile solution for all those who want to Share or Sell Documentation on the Web.

We are proud of this appreciation and continue to add new functions, thanks to requests from our Customers; the new Add-on dedicated to IPFS, which allows you to upload and view Documents in a Decentralized way, is a clear example of this.

In this Thred we will try to give voice to your most frequently asked questions, in a simple and exhaustive way.
Dokky (LITE & PRO versions), easily adapts to many situations and, like all our products, is very simple to use and configure.

Let’s Start!

Dokky PRO - Comments
Dokky PRO – Comments

Registered Users of Dokky have a Section available where they can view all the Comments added by Visitors, related to the various Files. By default, they are not published and must be accepted or rejected. If a comment contains inappropriate or spam content, it can be deleted; in this case, the email addresses used will be included in a “black list” and can no longer be used on the entire site.

Dokky PRO – Admin

The “Admins” (multiple profiles can be created with these permissions) have a “back-end” available where they can view all the Site Statistics. This information concerns used Space, User List, Documentation List, Transactions, etc.
Furthermore, they have access to all Dokky PRO configurations and Features, including Add-ons if installed.

Dokky PRO – PayPal

Dokky PRO allows you to sell your documentation online, directly from the script. By following the exhaustive documentation attached, it is sufficient to create an App on PayPal in a few minutes, which will quickly and securely allow you to receive payments directly into your account. Registered Users will only need to add their email address to their PayPal account.

Dokky PRO - CC License
Dokky PRO – CC License

When uploading a new File (via Upload, Drag or URL), Users must choose a Creative Commons License to correlate with the File. This step is a good practice to guarantee the Owners of the Documents the right way of sharing and also adds a layer of security for the owner of the Site, in matters of Copyright.

Dokky PRO - IPFS
Dokky PRO – IPFS

Thanks to the exclusive “IPFS for DOkky PRO” Add-on, Users can choose between 4 different IPFS Providers where to upload their Documentations. This requires the Admin to create the Access Credentials (simple Step by Step included). Once configured, Dokky PRO will use this Source to view the Files, reducing space and bandwidth used on your hosting.

Other questions?
Ask without worries or open a Ticket on our Customer Support Service!

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