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How to gain from eBay?

  posted on Jul 20, 2015 by scriptnet in ScriptNet News
How to gain from eBay?

How to gain from eBay in a simple way and without doing anything?

This is the question that many ask themselves every day...
But it is really possible?

Objectively, the eBay affiliate program, is one of the most profitable, and no doubt about it, with commissions that in some cases reach 200%.
Many do not even know that it exists; many others, have spent good money in online promotion or buying complicated and expensive software or still, losing whole days to promote products...

Too much time loose, too expansive and many times, ineffective. But ScriptNet, has the solution!

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ScriptBay GEO 1.2 available!

  posted on Jul 7, 2015 by scriptnet in ScriptNet News
ScriptBay GEO 1.2 available!

ScriptNet Solutions is proud to introduce the lates version of the Ultimate eBay EPN tool: ScriptBay GEO, the powerful script with Geotargeting is enhanced with the compatibility with all the modern Mobile devices and Tablets.

All the related mobile modules are translated, and complete of the correct currency and search functions.

Now, all the users that using your website, not only we will be directed to the eBay market of reference (geo target), but also to its mobile version, if they use a mobile device. The setup is very simple you will need only copy the same data used for the configuration of the script: that's all!

The ScriptNet Team is available any time for technical support and more info, for all Customers.


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New version ScriptBay GEO

  posted on Jul 2, 2015 by scriptnet in ScriptNet News
New version ScriptBay GEO

Coming Soon - The New version (1.2) of the Ultimate eBay EPN Tool!

ScriptBay GEO be come compatible to all the mobile devices: for all the 19 eBay Markets, with translations, currencies and in syncro to the related default keywords of the desktop version.

Saty connect!

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