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ScriptBay GEO: GeoTarget eBay Search Script

  posted on Apr 30, 2015 by scriptnet in ScriptNet News
ScriptBay GEO: Geotarget eBay Search Script

ScriptBay GEO is the Top Script powered by ScriptNet Solutions, the Ultimate Tool, created specifically to be able to monetize, the traffic and sales from eBay; include one exclusive “gentle” redirect of the Users via Browser language to the eBay market of reference.

With ScriptBay GEO, all visitors and any time, can change eBay market (19!) and search for objects in other countries!


This incredible Script, target visitors to the translated pages of search: English, Spanish, Polish, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Malay, and includes several translations for multilingual countries; ScriptBay GEO also
displaying objects listed at that market, and the prices displayed in the currency of the country of reference.

With ScriptBay GEO your Visitors can search for any type of object, which is present in the eBay auctions around the World! And on each object that will be sold via your links, you will generate revenue!

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